The cardiovascular circuit

The cardiovascular circuit comprises a special pool, long and narrow in the shape of a ‘U’ and divided into two parts: the first, the longer, contains hot thermal waters and the other cold water. Movement from one pool to the next involves climbing up and down a series of small steps. There are handrails along the sides of the pool and the circuit has to be repeated a number of times dictated by the patient’s doctor or physiotherapist and it results in a healthy improvement in blood circulation in the legs.

Here are some examples of cases where this treatment can be effective:
In cases of a sedentary lifestyle, or work that requires you to stand for long periods, overweight, age-orientated physiology, climatic factors such as seasonal changes, hormonal factors leading to a feeling of heaviness in the legs and capillary dilation.

The cardiovascular circuit uses a range of action mechanisms: physiological foot massage along the walkway, the natural massage of movement in water, the toning of walls of the capillaries by the changes in water temperature, hydro-massage courtesy of suitably positioned water jets, and not least the beneficial effects inherent in the thermal waters themselves.

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