Thermal baths

Bormio Terme is affiliated (classified at the highest level) for balneotherapy within the Italian Health Service. A prescription from an individual's doctor or specialist makes it possible for every Italian citizen to have a course of thermal treatments simply by paying the relevant 'ticket'.

A thermal bath involves the patient being immersed in a tub containing naturally heated thermal water (38°).

A therapeutic hydro-massage is a variation of the thermal bath and uses ozonated particles within the water capable of a massaging action on specific parts of the body using special underwater jets and under pre-determined pressures.

The temperature of the hydro-massage bath can range between 36° - 38°C and lasts around 15 minutes, after which the patient is left to rest for a further 15 (reaction time). During this phase, as with the mud, it's possible to carry out all the assessments (particularly vascular) and intense perspiration encourages the removal of toxic substances within the body.

Both bathing and hydro-massage give early pointers towards poly-arthritis but are also usefully employed in the treatment of certain dermatological conditions and peripheral vascular illnesses.

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