The Evergreen path is a reserved area with Finnish sauna, turkish bath, ice-cold bath and relaxation area.
Access restricted to people over 16 years.
Ability to access services without swimsuite.
Relaxation zone

Relaxation zone

Following a sauna or Turkish bath enjoy a cold shower and subsequent immersion in a tub of cold spring...

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Turkish bath

Turkish bath

The Turkish bath at Bormio Terme is the veritable ‘prince’ of steam treatments; a temperature of a...

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Finnish Sauna

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish-style sauna at Bormio Terme, constructed - as tradition will have it – in wood is charac...

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Presence: 119 / 545

Ambiente esterno 1,5 °C
Fonte 40,5 °C
Vasca bambini 34,0 °C
Vasca Natatoria 30,0 °C
Vasca 4 stagioni 33,5 °C
Loggia termale 33,0 °C
Vasca thermarium 33,5 °C
Dati aggiornati in tempo reale
lozione tonica purificante

Purifying Toner

€ 13,00
Pacchetto Weekend


€ 115,00


From 12 May to 30 May all the departments of Bormio Terme will stay closed. 31 May open.

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