Bath indoor children

A thermal pool measuring 36 sq. m bathed in light; the perfect environment within which the smallest ones can play, enjoying the spray created by a yellow snake casting a friendly eye from the poolside, or alternatively from water splashing down temptingly from an enormous red and white mushroom.

The water temperature at 33°C makes for a pleasant, fun time, ideal for children of all ages to play and enjoy themselves at leisure.

Presence: 0 / 545

Ambiente esterno 12,0 °C
Fonte 40,5 °C
Vasca bambini 35,5 °C
Vasca Natatoria 30,0 °C
Vasca 4 stagioni 33,5 °C
Loggia termale 33,5 °C
Vasca thermarium 0,0 °C
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Pulizia del viso Plus 75 min.

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